There is a saying that if we want to read or walk

It was easy for me to walk away from the world. Somehow, why not? In a trance, „nine days to collect the moon“, when confused, „catch the turtle in the next five seas“. It is called „walking soul“ because it can not be said for reasons.

we must have a soul and body on the road. I drew the phrase „walking soul“ by force.

It is not the age of impassioned and cynical. Ordinarily, the soul also needs stability. But sometimes inadvertently, while riding, smoking, sitting still, this interesting soul always makes errands from time to time. Maybe it hates the dullness of the moment; maybe it can’t stand the temptation of the front; maybe it doesn’t want to live with vulgar bodies. Any kind of life for a long time needs to be released.

The soul is always going beyond the body.

I think the camel bell is ringing, and the skirt is flying, which obscured the faint yellow sky. The residual sun is like blood, and deep and shallow footprints are scattered and scattered by the wind and sand. At this time, I am the Kroraina girl.

Long sword is in hand, white body is attacked, and the green mane under the cold star moon is reflected. The cold moon is like frost, and the thin and narrow stream is drawn into a scene, and is cut off by the long sword. At this time, I was the sword knight.

Look, the breeze is sweeping, the grass is tiny, and there are light ripples. Jade like a quiet, layer of surface of the lake like a side, surrounded by river embankments. At that time, I was a book reader.

From the desert to Bibo, from dusk to night, from swordsmen to scattered people, stepped on the hills, and traveled through the valleys, traveling the great rivers and mountains, it seems that there is a trace to follow, but also seems to be deserted. The soul of walking still does not belong.

perhaps tourism is the most direct, the simplest and fastest way of soul relief. The novelty of the journey brings fresh life and makes the soul free and easy. I once thought that ancient exploration is the journey now. Only one is to continue without knowing the outcome; the other is to plan and calculate.

And everything will be attributed to the „walking soul“.

9 Payment institutions were eliminated and some businesses were stopped.

On June 26, the central bank announced the „Fourth batch of non-bank payment institutions“ to renew the „Payment Business License“ decision.
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21st Century Economic Reporters found that the fourth batch of payment agencies a total of 93, of which 9 Payment agencies do not renew, two payment agencies do not renew part of the business. The renewal is valid from June 27, 2017 to June 26, 2022.

Nine Payment institutions include Putian Yintong Payment Co., Ltd., Xi’an Yinxin Shangtong Electronic Payment Co., Ltd., Beijing Jiaoguang Technology Development Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhongxin Payment Co., Ltd., Shanxi Orchid Payment Co., Ltd., Harbin Jinlian Payment Co., Ltd., Anhui Ruixiang Information Service Co., Ltd. Changsha business union Agel Ecommerce Ltd, Lok Fu payment Co., Ltd.

The central bank pointed out that the reasons for the non-renewal of the nine Payment institutions mentioned above are: the existence of the non-renewal of Article 6 of the Circular of the People’s Bank of China on Renewal of Work (Agfa [2015] 358).


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asier said than done, how can small and micro enterprises achieve intelligent transformation?

As of March 2018, there were 100 million registered industrial and commercial enterprises in China, more than 90% of which were small and micro enterprises, and the average life span of small and micro enterprises was only 2.5 years. Especially after the 2016 O2 bankruptcy tide, more and more small and micro enterprises began to face the pain of transformation. Intelligent commerce is becoming the new instinct of all enterprises in this era as the whole industry is exploring new models such as new retail and new species.The other side will not only start discussing business proposals but also solutions that will help in enhancing business deals. Additional promotional gifts help in getting the much-required heads start.

The era of intelligent commerce is coming.

Science and technology is the primary productivity, such as traditional laundry industry leading e-bag washing is flexible use of large data, the Internet and other technologies to expand the service boundary of traditional industries. With the development of business today, more and more intelligent elements of technology are revealed in the operation and management of enterprises, which will become a necessary technology and DNA for future business.

1, technology explosion to speed up the development of intelligent business.

With the rapid development of IOT, AI, Block Chain, Cloud Computing, Big Data and other technologies, the technology explosion will accelerate the development of intelligent commerce. For example, we see thousands of people’s intelligent recommendation based on data and algorithms on Taobao, Jingdong, Suning and other platforms, which greatly changes the way of „marketing“ And transaction efficiency.

Although technology has been fully rolled out, a large number of small and micro enterprises have not enjoyed the dividends of this technology because of the lack of technology development costs and marketing strategies.Aberdeen Angus – a well-known Angus beef bred in Ireland and grass-fed. With the integration of traditional pasture farming and advanced technology, the cattles are fed to be of high quality and more tender.

2, new consumerism has become the biggest driving force of intelligent commerce.

The consumer concept is changing, in the past, people’s understanding of consumption is more concerned about the practical value of products and services. Nowadays, we will focus on some personal experiences, such as participation, happiness, ritual, etc. Users’consumption behavior changes from paying attention to practical value to both practical value and experience value.

The commercial and social changes brought about by the upgrade of consumption are evident in the rivalry between Ali and Tencent to seize the new retail highlands. For example, Ali’s collaboration with the offline Supermarket, the convenience of the people throughout the country throughout the East of Beijing, and even based on social experience, has recently been on the market for more use of the concept of consumption is also the change.

3, network collaboration + data intelligence has become the standard of „smart company“.

The main battlefield of intelligent commerce this year should be online and offline integration and offline enterprises online, but offline enterprises rely on centralized platforms to achieve online there are two major problems: first, through Taobao and other centralized platforms to obtain traffic is becoming more and more difficult, the cost of traffic is increasing; second, traffic. The conversion rate is more and more difficult.

Moreover, big data and algorithms are becoming more and more important. Through data to explore unknown business laws, to obtain potential customers, and thus adjust the business behavior of enterprises, network collaboration + data intelligence has become the standard of modern „smart companies“.

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